1. Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

Brass Marble Lamp

Designers often tell us that if you can only change one element in a room, start with the lighting. It’s a single switch capable of transforming the entire space. And if you’re going to change up your light fixtures, you might as well look for ones crafted from luxe-looking materials, like this stylish marble and brass option. If buying brand-new fixtures is out of your budget, even changing the lampshades or adding dimmer switches that let you control the level of light in the room can make a big difference. 

2. Layer on the Rugs

Urban Outfitters Rug

Collected and passed down through the generations, valuable antique rugs are a status symbol. Even if you didn’t inherit an heirloom rug, you can imitate the look with a far more affordable option. Layer several rugs for a lush look that’s also soft underfoot. 

3. Choose Luxe Materials

Velvet Cushions Couch

Certain materials—think marble, velvet, silk—are frequently associated with wealth. And while they can be expensive in large quantities or when they’re particularly high quality, adding small touches of these materials is a relatively affordable way to make your home look more luxe. A small velvet pillow cover can cost just 10 bucks, so invest in several and use the pillow inserts you already own. 

4. Bigger Is Better

Floor Vases

Combine two things guaranteed to make a space look expensive: play with scale and add natural elements. These two-foot-tall vases were designed to sit on the floor and display extra-large arrangements. Set them on top of stone risers, then fill them with arrangements known to last a while to cut costs (like pussy willow or eucalyptus branches). 

5. Highlight Your Art (and Other Valuables)

Brass Picture Light

If you own something valuable, whether it’s a piece of art or a notable collectible, be sure to shine a light on it (literally). Adding a clip-on picture light to the frame of a painting not only illuminates the piece and draws attention to it, but it also shows you invest in the details of your home. This brass option looks so elegant, no one will guess it cost less than $50. 


Article provided by www.realsimple.com